Web Gathering
noun: a meeting or conference held in a virtual space on the internet
verb: to encounter, converse, engage, collaborate in an online meeting space

Web Gathering Online Conferences

At Web Gathering we use virtual space on the internet as meeting and conference venues. Using fully featured virtual conference rooms your presenters can deliver their speech live on video, run slideshow presentations, use interactive whiteboards, share their desktops and documents and take and answer questions from delegates through interactive feedback during their sessions.

Delegates can access the conference from anywhere in the world and can do this at any time through a web browser. They can log on as little or as much as they wish at any time of the day or night. They are given a password to access the conference website and anyone with access to the internet can participate. Even if they miss a live presentation, they can watch the recording and take part in the discussions on the dedicated conference website.

An online conference can be an alternative, or complementary, to a physical conference and has lots of advantages:
They are cheaper to run with fewer physical inputs such as venue, catering, administrative staff etc.
They are more affordable for delegates to attend because there is no travel or accommodation required.
They are more accessible as delegates can attend at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection.
Increased accessibility extends to people with disabilities that make it difficult to attend a physical conference.
There is no limit to the number of delegates who can attend.
There is a high level of participation as typically more people will actively participate in an online conference.
The standard of discussions is often higher and goes on for longer in online discussion fora.
Presenters can remain online to continue the discussion, giving delegates greater access than a physical conference.
There can be a wider geographical spread of participants as people are unrestricted by visa requirements and travel costs.
There is a permanent record of proceedings, all sessions can be recorded and accessed on your conference website.

Online conferences can be broadcast live and recorded for viewing on demand.
In a live conference speakers deliver live presentations. The conference delegates are able to watch, listen, ask questions and discuss the presentation with their fellow delegates. Each session can be recorded and viewed later.

An example of on demand conferencing is the discussion forum which delegates can contribute to at any time on a dedicated conference website, where recordings of live sessions are also available. This record of the conference can remain hosted for as long as you choose and serves as an archive of the event for delegates.

Our online conference platform offers an enriched meeting experience
live and interactive audio and video
instant online polling
blogs, comment threads, online discussion fora
video upload and shared internet browsing
live chat rooms, private messaging
collaborative document editing
desktop sharing
mailing lists
RSS feeds
social media linking including twitter and facebook

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